Textile products

All Nufnuf products are machine washable at 30 degrees. Most of the beds, mattresses and covers are made of teflon covered fabric. Recommended to clean with a soft moist patch. The teflon coating does not allow dirt or moist to reach the fibres of the fabric, therefore cleaning the surface of the product should be enough. Permanent stains may be caused by oxydants.

The teflon cover will not last forever. Every time you wash your product in the washing maschine, the teflon layer gets thinner. Therefore as a first option moist patch is recommended and if that doesn’t do the job, then wash in a machine. Please follow the care instructions on the product. Products made of of fabric not coated with teflon are machine washable on delicate mode and dried at room temperature. No tumble drying. The filling of the bogbeds should be taken out once a month to allow it to breathe and avoid  the emergence of any additional life forms.

Leather products

All Nufnuf leather products are handmade from premium cowhide. To improve the durability of the products, they should be treated with a protective ingredient, we recommend mink oil based wax. Wax the leather collars and leashes 1 or 2 times a year. This will help to preserve the soft surface and natural color of the leather.


All Nufnuf products are machine washable (please follow the instruction on the care label of the product).